Alaska Trauma Center 

"If you scratch me; let it be Jesus you see"
Chaplain Bert McQueen, CMC, MSW, Emeritus  
PURPOSE: The purpose of DBA : Alaska Trauma Center is to provide a Faith based Ministry with Training in the field of Crisis Intervention available to the Emergency Services, Caregivers, and public. Provide Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention programs and Training to help reduce the  high rate of suicide in Alaska. And to provide a wide range of services for survivors and victims suffering from Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Grief, as part of SB Consulting
GOAL: Is to reduce the negative effects of  Stress and Grief and help those dealing with Loss.
FAITH BASED:  As followers of Christ we have been instructed to become as Christ to a lost and hurting world. After 40 years of ministry within the emergency services and Military Nationwide, helping those that have been stricken by traumatic events and suffer from Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Grief and loss and depression and are discouraged and have suffered loss by suicide; God has led me to continue using this experience to help others.  God's word tells us to "Train up the saints for the work of the ministry",  comfort the broken hearted, be a mentor and an encourager - (interesting)  to encourage those of my age group to "get off the bench,   I find myself being a mentor to young men. It seems there's lots of young men that need mentors of good behavior.
1) Crisis Intervention by helping with Traumatic Stress Reactions people are having after traumatic events; such as sudden deaths of loved ones; Suicides, Homicides, Witnesses of Crimes, Our staff and volunteers are specifically trained in Crisis Intervention. And help in the early reactions to the events. We are also specifically trained in Suicide: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention. and have provided Survivors of Suicide Support Groups for 30 years. We now have successful Group meeting in Alaska to help Survivors of Suicide.
2) Training: Our staff provides a wide range of Critical Incident Stress Management training for the rescue community, Mental Health Professionals, Chaplains and other caregivers and public.
3) Alaska Trauma Center is a Christian Ministry. However, we minister to anyone requesting support, regardless of their faith, race, sex, etc.  We do not provide rituals that are not our own. Our role is to be Ministers that are specifically Trained Crisis-Interventionist. Our staff members have agreed to a non - proselytize  standard. Our role is to help those seeking help to be reconnected to their social support; to their faith; to their family and friend. Many times when experiencing traumatic stress reactions it can cause disconnections with these normal groups. It is very often that those suffering may have need of higher levels of care, In these cases we frequently refer to the local providers, e.g., Mental Health Professional, Pastors,; if there are physical needs: referrals are made to Emergency Departments, Personal Doctors and Clinics. We train public, peers, and professionals in Crisis Intervention; with an emphasis on doing good assessments. "Are we done yet?", and if not, "What do they need?" and  "where do they need referred?"
4) And Finally: Building a  networks of CISM Teams and providing a wide range of CISM Services for the rescue community and building a network of Suicide Survivor Support Groups and help reduce the risk of suicide; partly through education and services; e.g., groups, one on one intervention, and provide assessments and referrals. Also, our Goal is to help introduce the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale; Alaska Trauma Center has partnered with Columbia University Developers to help in this effort.
5) Alaska Trauma Center is one of the DBA's provided by SB Consulting.